One Down envisions an empowered, prominent, and innovative Filipino American community that values, sustains, and exposes the intersection of history, self-expression, and data analysis as a vehicle to highlight and uplift the diverse and nuanced experiences of being Filipino American.



Honoring, respecting, and upholding the integrity of the rich and diverse history of the Philippines, beginning with indigenous history and continuing through the diaspora and its modern communities to spread awareness of the traditions, narratives, activism, and resilience that shape our community.


Establishing and elevating the visibility of the multifaceted Filipino American community and our integral role in American history while celebrating the roles we continue to fulfill across various American industries in order to inspire and foster growth in future generations.

Forward Thinking

Reaching backwards to our roots to propel ourselves toward new insights and ideas that demonstrate the capacity of our community to break ground and barriers with the purpose of addressing the community conditions prompted by the status quo and to enable further growth of a self-sustaining community.


Advancing self-expression and illuminating narratives to uncover our ability to understand, connect with, and heal one another as passed down through our rich, unique traditions.

Data Driven

Understanding the quantifiable and legitimate relationship between people, experiences, and media in order to sustain our identity while understanding the ways in which it constantly evolves.


One Down is committed to creating a sustainable platform for original and groundbreaking content that showcases our culture, contextualizes Filipino American narratives, and prompts dialogue surrounding the diverse experiences, identities, and talents that are often overlooked, suppressed, or erased; engaging with and building connections between community members both online and in the Greater Los Angeles area; working with established professionals to create avenues for the next generation of Filipino movers to advance in careers across the entertainment industry.